Wake Forest Rotary holds game night!

Posted By Brad Walker

The Wake Forest Rotary club held its first game night in place of the regular meeting on Monday, November 30th, 2020. President Karlene Turrentine created some awesome Rotary trivia questions then divided up the members into teams to compete for prizes.

“I enjoyed the game night, especially as I seemed to know (or be able to guess) the answers to several of the questions,” said Louis; back when I first joined Wake Forest Rotary (in June of 2000), past president Al Meiburg gave a history of Rotary talk as each new member was inducted, as a result of which I have developed a reasonable knowledge. Stories of Paul Harris, the founding of Rotary, the Four-Way Test, notable members like Arch Klumph and hundreds more, together with the history of the Rotary Foundation and the United Nations, as well as PolioPlus and our six Causes (what used to be called Avenues of Service), should be known by all members. As a starting point, did you know that in addition to those well known Rotarians mentioned on the night, the following were also members – Clarence Birdseye, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Gugliemo Marconi, Manny Pacquiao, JC Penney, Colonel Sanders, Jean Sibelius, Adlai Stevenson, Charles Walgreen, Earl Warren, and Orville Wright? – Louis Mullinger

Below are some of the questions that were asked during our Rotary Trivia competition:

  • Who started Rotary? And where was it started?
    • Paul Harris, in Chicago, IL          (extra credit:  1905)
  • How many people attended the first Rotary meeting on Thursday evening, February 23, 1905?
    • Four: Paul Harris, Silvester Schiele and Hiram Shorey met in Gustavus Loehr’s office.
  • What was the first Rotary Club community project?  And why?
    • A “comfort station” in downtown Chicago. Public restrooms were typically found only in saloons at that time, and unaccompanied women were not permitted to enter saloons.
  • What was the profession of the person who introduced singing to Rotary Club meetings?
    • Printer.  (Extra credit if you know his name:  Harry Ruggles)
  • Men With Friends; The Blue Boys; The Conspirators; The Round Table. What do these names have in common?
    • At the third meeting of the group in Chicago that would become Rotary, each name was considered for the new club.
  • At the first Rotary Convention in 1910, keynote speaker Daniel Cady of the Rotary Club of New York told the audience that Rotary, then with 16 clubs, would have 1,000 clubs around the world within 80 years. When would Rotary add it’s 1,000th club?
    • The 1,000th Rotary Club was added in 1921, only 11 years after Cady’s speech.
  • What is the greatest distance from the US that a Rotary pin has been displayed?
    • Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, an honorary Rotarian of the Rotary Club of Spring Lake-Brielle (New Jersey) where his father was a member, planted a Four-Way Test pin on the moon when he landed Apollo 11.
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