Ting Internet Provider speaks to Rotary

Posted By Brad Walker

Ting, the fiber internet company, is making headway into Wake Forest and several other towns in this area, according to Ting marketing coordinator Amanda Meyer.  Three earlier Zoom “phase sessions” for interested residents produced great turnout, with Q&A that focused on pricing, routers, modems, and–most importantly–when Ting will be available, she said.  

Right now, Ting service is expected to arrive at the end of October, though earlier dates have been revised due to COVID, weather, and other factors.  While considerable cable has been laid already in Wake Forest, some “pockets” exist which do not yet have cable, Amanda said.  

For residents to see if they are eligible to pre-order, go to Ting.com Wake Forest and type in their address.  Because pre-orders help Ting decide where to grow its network, residents can make a $9 deposit which will lock in eventual service for their location, plus yield some other perks once installed. The deposit is also refundable in case Ting does not become available after all. Due to different regulations,  Ting is currently available only in town limits, not in the county, Amada explained.

She described Ting as a community-oriented company that prides itself on customer service. It is currently a member of the Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce, a sponsor of various community events, an employer of local residents, and a strong believer that fiber internet betters communities.  Brad asked if Ting provided discounts for students or families now forced to work and study from home because of COVID.  Amanda acknowledged that Ting’s current priority is pre-order delivery; however, the company is working with the town to promote the service more broadly, she said. 

Other local towns within the network include Rolesville, Holly Springs, and Fuquay Varina, according to the Ting website.  

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