Four-Way Test Essay Contest

Rotary Club of Wake Forest is proud to announce its Four-Way Test Writing Contest for all Wake Forest 7th and 8th-grade students. The Four-Way Test is the “universal ethical guideline for living a life of integrity” by which every Rotarian lives. (Quote from Mr. Apple Discovers the Four-Way Test by Wallis Zbitnew) The top three (3) student essays will win prizes: 3rd place: $50, 2nd place: $100, 1st place: $150 and your essay will be forwarded to compete for 1st place in District 7710.


Do you want to improve your small business? Have a big idea to bring to life? We’re looking for you. Wake Forest is an amazing, thriving community and small businesses are part of our unique charm. They are the dreamers, the initiators, the risk-takers, and the impact makers. We want to ensure that our town is where they are planted and where they’ll succeed. Whether it’s launching a new idea or sustaining a business, it takes a strong plan, support from others, and resources to flourish. That’s where the LaunchWakeForest program steps in, providing hands-on business mentorship, planning, financial support, and an accredited program to 20 lucky applicants every Spring. Participants establish strong connections with other local entrepreneurs, boosting each other’s businesses. And because of the generosity of our sponsors, it’s all provided for free.

Wake Forest Medical Debt Relief

A project that raises money to help eliminate past due medical debt of Wake Forest residents from cancer treatments. With the generosity of Wake Med, we recently helped to eliminate $169,000 of past-due medical debt for 13 Wake Forest residents who had some cancer treatment type.


The Wake Forest Rotary Club offers High School seniors the opportunity to apply for $1,000 Scholarships (4 years College/University) or $500 Scholarships (2 years College/Trade School).