September 21st – Club News

Posted By Brad Walker

What happened this week?

The Rotary Club of Wake Forest met Monday, Sept. 21, both online and at The Forks Cafeteria in Wake Forest.  President Karlene opened the meeting with prayer and pledge.  No guests attended the meeting. 

WFR Foundation

Because COVID has impacted all local fund-raising efforts this year, Foundation Chair Jackie Barnes asked members to voluntarily contribute toward the club’s own Wake Forest Rotary Foundation to help fund the various projects we intend to support.  For those so inclined, she requested a $25 contribution per member.  Gifts above $25 are certainly welcome too, added Bob McCamy.  Jackie circulated a sign-up sheet among members present and will contact directly other members who were online or absent. 



Fundraising and Program Chair Brad Walker informed the club that $10,000 had been collected for the Medical Debt Relief program through this fundraiser.  The monies will be used specifically to reduce or pay off a past-due medical debt owed by financially strapped patients following hospitalization for cancer treatments. 

Drive-Thru Oyster Roast

October 24th has been selected for the Drive-Thru Oyster Roast Event.   Hours will be from 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Brad will update the fundraiser announcement on the club website after he receives pricing information from The Forks, which is providing food. 

World Polio Day

Our Oct. 5 speaker will focus on World Polio Month, in which Oct. 24 is designated World Polio Day.

Since that date coincides with our Drive-Thru Oyster Roast fundraiser, Brad Walker suggested that we post information at the fundraiser alerting the public of the day’s significance for polio, along with Rotary’s role in helping eradicate polio.  This publicity could generate more recognition and possibly additional donations.

Public Relations

Heather McLaughlin and Guerda Martin have agreed to lead the Public Relations Public Image Committee and will be calling on club committees for news, Karlene said.  Thank you for volunteering, Heather and Guerda!  Weekly newsletter emails will now go out each Friday morning. 

Upcoming Programs

On Sept. 28, Judge Reuben Young, NC Court of Appeals will attend, in person, to address the state of the judiciary.  President Karlene said a number of local leaders have been invited to attend, including Mayor Vivian Jones, town commissioners, and other board members. 

For upcoming meetings, she urged club members to think about additional good quality programs that are both interesting and important to our community.

Queen of Hearts

Kermit Copley is on a winning streak with the raffle but just cannot catch up with that Queen of Hearts.  Maybe next time he will have better luck than the 4 of clubs!

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