October 26 – Club News

Posted By Brad Walker

What happened this week?

The Rotary Club of Wake Forest met Mondy, Oct. 26, 2020, both online and in-person at The Forks Cafeteria.  President Karlene Turrentine opened the meeting.  Matthew Turrentine gave the prayer and Rachel Prather led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Happy News came from Bob McCamy, Jackie Barnes, Helen Holt, Kermit Copley, Louis Mullinger, George Aux, Ken Steigler, Karlene and Darryl Banks. Thanks for sharing, all!


Annual Oyster Roast Drive-Thru Fundraiser – Chairman Brad Walker gave a good report on Saturday’s Drive-In Seafood fund-raiser.  “It went well, and I’m really proud of our club,” said Brad, thanking the many members who volunteered that night, along with his family and an Interactor from WFHS.  He described the fundraiser as a good service project, allowing members to work together, get to know each other, and build camaraderie.  In addition, Brad noted that we now have a mailing list of 84 names for next year, making publicity an easier task. Based on post-event survey results thus far, customers equally preferred both drive-thru and sit-down formats, he said. 

In all, 100 orders were placed, representing 235 meals.  Sixty of the orders were scheduled for 5 p.m. pickup, causing some initial back-up which later leveled out. Treasurer Bob McCamy said the club took in about $4,200 in revenue and donations and expects to clear between $1,500 to $2,000, not including Polio Plus donations.  “I couldn’t be happier,” he said.  “This whole process of ticketing and bookkeeping was easy to handle.  The new donation management system was really effective.”  The same system is being used for pecan sales, allowing the club to build on that customer base each year too.  

Pecan Sale Fundraiser – Bob said the first order of pecans should be shipped Nov. 1, depending on temperature: if greater than 70 degrees, then the chocolate varieties could melt during transport.  Shipping usually takes one week.

Breast Cancer Month.  Member Guerta Martin reminded members that October is Cancer Awareness Month.  She brought a box of pink themed goodies–chips, chocolate, cookies–to share with members present. 

RI Zone Virtual Leadership Summit Nov. 21-22

President Karlene urged members to attend this large Rotary gathering on Zoom, streaming for free from Pittsburgh. Describing it as similar to an international conference, speakers will address a variety of topics such as membership drives (one South African district added 600 new members in one year), toastmasters, and the Peace Initiative.   To register or learn more, click here. 

Pre-Summit Bonus: “Uncorked: Opening Up the World of Wine” Virtual Wine Tasting Friday Oct. 30, This Friday, Rotary International will also offer an online  “wine tasting” social led by an experienced sommelier. A group from our club is planning to gather somewhere to learn about wine, with Karlene in charge! Click the same link above to register and learn more. 

Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) in January 2021.  Karlene is District 7710 Chair for RLI.  Plans are being made for a session in January, date TBA, but possibly at the Sanford Workforce Development Center, with Zoom capability.  Stay tuned!  The club typically pays registration fees for participants. 

Queen of Hearts

George Aux won the raffle, but his small spades card couldn’t match the lovely Queen of Hearts.  Better luck next time, George!

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