November 9th – Club News

Posted By Brad Walker

What happened this week?

The Rotary Club of Wake Forest met in person and online Monday, Nov. 9, at The Forks Cafeteria in Wake Forest.  President Karlene Turrentine brought the meeting to order with welcome and pledge.  Member Enoch Holloway gave the blessing. 


Good news and happy dollars came from members Bob McCamy, Brad Walker, Louis Mullinger, Jackie Barnes, Dee Skinner, Tommy Murray, Bill Goldston, Kermit Copley, Barb Neudecker, and Karlene.

District Essay Contest.  Based on the four-way test, this annual contest provides an opportunity for seventh and eighth graders to hone their writing skills and perhaps win a monetary prize of $150, $100, or $50.  If you know of students who might be interested in participating, contact either Karlene or Bob McCamy.  The contest deadline is Dec. 4. 

Fundraising Committee

Pecan Fundraiser. Bob McCamy announced that the pecans are here and are being stored by Jackie Barnes in her spacious garage.  Call or text Jackie at 919-810-5223 to arrange a pick-up for your deliveries!  To place an online order click

Membership Committee

Huddle Heroes. An exciting new club initiative, Huddle Heroes,  will begin soon as a means of helping engage new and existing members. Membership Committee chair Leah Flach and member Matt Turrentine introduced the concept as a way to help us all stay connected, especially now. With Covid-19 pandemic restrictions limiting personal contact for all since March, newer members, in particular, remain unfamiliar with “what drives Rotary,” said Matt.  He hopes Huddle Heroes will “foster a new passion for who we are and what we do.” 

Briefly, the club will be divided into seven small “huddles”, each with 4 to 5 members and led by a “hero.” Matt said Heroes have three roles:  Check-ins, Education, and Ideas.  They will check in with their members every week or so and will regularly organize “events”, whether, on Zoom or in-person, where the small group can get together, exchange service and other ideas, and most importantly–build relationships.

Small groups are a proven way to build community and thus trust, said Rev. Ken Steigler.  “So much of that is missing in society today. It’s very important to reach out and welcome everyone, treating everyone as a person of worth.  Service above self,” he reminded everyone. 

Matt agreed and encouraged everyone to “jump in, give it your best.  This will work only if everyone engages.” Huddle Heroes will provide a support system for new members which, in turn, will help them make a long-standing commitment to the club,” he concluded. Members who have agreed to be a Hero include George Aux, Darryl Banks, Leah Flach, Helen Holt, Rachel Prather, Rev. Ken Steigler, and Brad Walker.  They will be meeting together during the next two weeks and then will reach out to their individual groups to decide when to meet and how. Stay tuned!

Queen of Hearts

Dee Skinner won the raffle with a little, bitty 2 of Clubs but missed the Queen’s pot, which keeps growing slowly but steadily every week. Better luck next time, Dee!

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