Nick Pione, TREK CBD

Posted By Brad Walker

CBD, short for “cannabidiol,” was the topic of Monday’s program presented by Nick Pione, a local entrepreneur who owns and operates Trek CBD with his wife and one other partner.  

While “cannabidiol” is an essential component of medical marijuana,  it is also one of 113 cannabinoids in the hemp plant, a cousin to marijuana.  The oil extract CBD is thus derived directly from hemp and has no psycho-reactive effects is legal in all 50 states and is fast becoming a huge and growing therapeutic industry.  

As noted by Pione and other sources, such as the Harvard Health Publishing Blog,  preliminary clinical research shows four major benefits arising from CBD use: 

  • Reduced pain (anti inflammatory)
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved sleep
  • Elevated cognition

Its popularity as a product helping people “live their best lives” is one reason Nick said he decided to step away from a 20-year career in pharmaceuticals and try something different. 

“I loved to hear stories about how our products helped people,” he said, referring to the traditional pharmaceutical aids of his earlier career.  With CBD being a more natural healing product that he could offer without having to travel so much, he decided to make the switch. He and his wife had moved to Wake Forest five years ago, and the timing seemed right. 

So, in late 2019, just before the pandemic essentially shut down the country, he and partners launched Trek CBD, with a retail location in Wake Forest, at 1968 S. Main St. When the pandemic hit, however, the owners had to pivot “more quickly than anyone imagined” to online retail/ eCommerce, along with opening two more retail sites in Holly Springs, NC, and Lincoln, NE. 

The business has thrived, Nick said, noting that he has a good relationship with medical professionals, providing positive referrals. Trek CBD’s products are sourced from certified CBD manufacturers, FDA certified labs, and other independent labs which test product purity, he said.  Furthermore, he seeks correct dosage/strength labeling which is quickly becoming an industry standard within this still-developing market. He recommends that any potential CBD consumer first discuss its use with their personal physician.  

Nick was introduced to club members at Monday’s meeting by Shipman Northcutt, who noted how impressed he has been by the local businessman’s energy and belief in his products. 

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