January 4th – Club News

Posted By Brad Walker

What happened this week?

The Rotary Club of Wake Forest met Monday, January 4, both in person and on Zoom at The Forks Cafeteria in Wake Forest.  President Karlene Turrentine opened the 7 p.m., with prayer by Rev. Dr. Marion Holloway, followed by the pledge.  

Good News

Bob McCamy shared a couple of items, one informative and the other celebratory.  First, past club president Rod Miller underwent heart surgery that morning at Duke Hospital in Durham and is currently recovering in ICU.  He had to quarantine for two and a half weeks prior to the operation.  Rod will be at the hospital for several days and, afterward, will be “stuck at home,” Bob said.   Karlene encouraged members to reach out to Rod during his long and cautious recovery.  His cell number is 919-906-6954. 

Bob and his wife Jean also attended the outdoor wedding of Rotarian Rachel Prather and Zeke Chen on December 19.  He said it was wonderful and wonderfully cold!  Congratulations, Rachel and Zeke! 

Other club members added happy dollars for Rod’s recovery and Rachel’s marriage. 

Rachel, in turn, thanked the club for thoughtful notes and well wishes.  

Shipman Northcutt is happy that both of his daughters plan to continue their education in graduate school: Molly, already a college grad, plans to study Physical Therapy; Sheraton, soon to graduate, will study Nutrition. 

Louis Mullinger, our British ex-pat Rotarian, celebrated the knighting of British race car driver Lewis Hamilton during Britain’s New Year Honours.  According to Louis, Hamilton holds the record in terms of both world championships, races won, and lifetime earnings. He is now Sir Lewis (especially to Rotarian Tommy Murray, ever the NASCAR Jimmy Johnson fan!).

Jackie Barnes shared that she was happy to have survived her very un-fun multi-week experience with covid during the holidays, adding that she has had only negative tests for at least the past week.  “I survived covid, but it’s not something I would recommend,” she says now. 

Karlene shared the good news of being sworn in last week as a newly appointed judge for the NC Administrative Law Courts, which she described as “all about if the state wants to see you or if you want to see the state.” The Hon. Mike Morgan, NC Supreme Court, presided over the ceremony.


With covid cases surging, D7710 has decided to postpone all in-person training, including the Jan. 30 RLI scheduled in Clayton.  Facilitators are being trained now to modify the six-hour leadership development program into a virtual format, said President Karlene. More information will be forthcoming. 

We still have plenty of nuts to sell, about $3,000 worth, in fact, said Jackie who is the official keeper and distributor of nuts via her garage in The Villas.  Specifically, we have the following inventory: dark chocolate pecans, 154 lbs.; amaretto chocolate pecans, 70 lbs; plain commodore pecans, 80 lbs.; milk-chocolate peanuts, 70 lbs.  Please contact Jackie to pick up lots of delicious nuts to sell or give away as gifts: 919-810-5223. 

We will meet Monday, Jan. 18, with Rotarian Rev. Ken Steigler giving the program about his experiences with Martin Luther King during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. Rev. Steigler has conducted numerous guided bus tours to the Deep South, visiting historic sites from the era and steeping participants in the Freedom Trail experience. Several Rotarians from the club have joined Rev. Ken on these trips. 

First-quarter invoices are online now and can be paid in multiple ways: by mailed check, online, or pick-up, whatever is easiest!  Look for Rachel’s Jan. 3 email, and let either her or Bob know if you have any issues. 

Queen of Hearts

Our new bride Rachel had a bit of honeymoon luck by winning the raffle, but her 7 of Diamonds left the bride wishing she had caught the Queen too.  Better luck next time, Rachel. 

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