January 25 – Club News

Posted By Brad Walker

The Rotary Club of Wake Forest met Monday, Jan. 25, 2021 both online and in-person at The Forks Cafeteria in downtown Wake Forest.  President Karlene Turrentine opened the meeting with prayer and the pledge.  There were no guests except program speaker Joy Shillingsburg on Zoom who was introduced later in the meeting.

Good News

Bob said he had spoken to Rod for an update following Rod’s recent surgery.  Rod is hoping to be driving again by next week.  Bob, whose birthday was last week, also expressed appreciation for the many birthday wishes and fund-raising gifts posted on Facebook for the Wake Forest Rotary Foundation.

Louis and George extended additional birthday wishes.

Brad announced that his son, a high school senior, has been accepted by the NCSU School of Business for fall enrollment, thus further widening his options.

Karlene expressed gratitude that Rotarians Kermit, Leah, and Jackie have recovered from their recent bouts with Covid-19.  She also commended Rev. Ken for last week’s MLK Freedom Trail program in which he “poured out his heart” relating numerous personal experiences with Dr. King during the Civil Rights Movement.  A shout out went to Bob as well for helping prepare Ken’s slide presentation.  

Tommy celebrated the fact that today was his older son’s 23rd birthday. 

Rev. Ken congratulated Rev.  Drs. Enoch and  Marion, both of whom received Paul Harris Fellow recognition last week from the club, honoring their many years of community service in Wake Forest.

Rachel gave several shout-outs: to Joy, our speaker; to the new virtual school semester for which student participation seems to be better than last semester; and to Bob’s birthday. 


President Karlene informed members that Rotarian Mark will not be able to serve as club president next year and will be shifting his membership to the new All Nations Club for which he was the catalyst last year. Now with 23 members and growing fast, that club will charter soon, and Mark has agreed to serve as its first president.  

Congratulations to Rotarian Jimmy, who was presented with his Paul Harris Certificate and pin while moving into his new home. He was accompanied by his daughter Meredith.

Since Rotary by-laws do not permit club officers to serve in more than one club, he cannot remain a member here, though he said he will definitely visit from time to time.  Karlene thanked Mark for his years of service and announced that Rotarian Leah has agreed to step up as president of the Rotary Club of Wake Forest beginning July 1.  Rotarian Darryl has agreed to be our president-elect. Many thanks to both!

Queen of Hearts

Our congenial Zoom host and Rotary tech guru Brad pulled out a hefty King of Spades from the deck of 27 cards.  Thus, the Queen of Hearts and her $437 pot remains tucked away for someone’s luck next time.

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