December 14th – Club News

Posted By Brad Walker

What happened this week?

The Rotary Club of Wake Forest met Monday, Dec. 14, at The Forks Cafeteria in downtown Wake Forest.  President Karlene Turrentine called the 7 p.m. meeting to order with the pledge, followed by a prayer from member Rev. Ken Steigler. Visiting Rotarians Matt Kane and Katie Gailes were introduced.

Good News

Bob McCamy started off the good news by announcing that he had mailed all his Christmas presents to his siblings, though he didn’t tell us how long he had to stand in line!

Ken Steigler said he was simply grateful for a good day, all day.

Tommy Murray proudly announced that his son, who graduated just last week from ECU, has already secured his first, full-time, permanent job just today.

Kermit Copley added his happy dollar to the bucket,  though, regretfully, his words were inaudible to this recorder on Zoom.  Everyone meeting in person, speak up, please!

Louis Mullinger, who himself was collecting the Good News happy dollars, said he was happy to have a Rotary job.   Thank you, Louis!

Brad Walker shared that he made a very fast trip–two days fast, in fact–to Louisiana last week to pick up his niece, a high school junior, who will live with Brad’s family for NC covid-free schooling next year.

Roger Scott celebrated his neighbor’s dazzling Christmas decorations which rival–but apparently do not surpass–those we have enjoyed at Brad’s house in previous years.

Matt Kane, a Rotarian from the Rotary Club of North Raleigh, anticipates the arrival of his oldest son for Christmas, having spent the past eight months in Mexico. 

President Karlene announced that this day, Dec. 14, was her last day as a lawyer: beginning Tuesday, she will assume one of 12 appointed judgeships in the state’s Administrative Law Office, filling the seat formerly held by Judge Donald Overby. Congratulations, Karlene!


Pecan Sale. Bob reminded members that we have pecans in three varieties, lots of milk chocolate peanuts, are still for sale and make great Christmas presents for neighbors, professional contacts, and family members who love to cook, love chocolate, love nuts, or all three!  Please call Bob or Jackie for more information.

RLI.  Karlene announced that January’s Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) will now be virtual, due to the current covid-19 surge which is expected to continue through the cold winter months. All three levels–I, II, and III–will be available virtually.  Be on the lookout for additional announcements. 

Queen of Hearts

George Aux online won the raffle, but the 6 of Hearts pulled for him in person by Louis Mullinger didn’t win the pot, now filling with $326. Better luck next time, George.

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