Club News – May 3rd

Posted By Brad Walker

Leah Flach introduced herself as our incoming club president. She also introduced many of the club members who will be helping her accomplish her goals next Rotary year. She then showed a very thought-provoking video by Cleve Folger of the Cary Rotary Club. Cleve pointed out that many Rotarians do not fully understand The Rotary Foundation. He talked about how we all make decisions, not on cold hard facts, but on our beliefs. 

Understanding the Rotary Foundation is understanding Rotary. When what we do is in line with why we do it, and we express it to others they will see our passion. Passion is the fuel that gives us the energy to pursue Rotary Dreams. The Secret Sauce is about messaging. It is getting others to understand the Why, How, & What about Rotary.

Let’s all get on the message and support Leah during her year.

He link to Cleve’s talk is

Queen of Hearts

Joe Paulonis won the raffle with the 9 of Clubs. That didn’t win the pot. Better luck next week.


Marion Holloway announced that Friendship Chapel will host a Dementia & Alzheimer’s Presentation at 9:00 AM on Saturday May 8th. This is an online event. To register go to or phone 800-272-3900

Karlene announced that we will have a Social at Wine 101 at 6:30 PM on May 24th. This will be the redo of the Party for Rachel & Zeke. If you haven’t signed up please contact Bob so your name will be on the list. There will be food and a cash bar.

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