Club News – Feb. 15th

Posted By Brad Walker

The Rotary Club of Wake Forest met in person and online on Monday, Feb. 15, at The Forks Cafeteria in downtown Wake Forest.  President-Elect Leah Flach opened the meeting with the pledge, and Dr. Marion Holloway gave the prayer.

Good News

  • Dee shared that she had enjoyed a lovely Valentine’s Dinner with her daughter, now a new attorney and doing well.  Dee also welcomed back Jackie who was out for several weeks battling Covid.  So glad she’s well again!
  • Brad announced that his son, recently accepted by both NCSU and UNC-CH, is now a National Merit Scholarship finalist.  This is a great honor indeed.  Congratulations to Brad’s family!
  • Bob extended a welcome to Nathalie Contreras, the evening’s speaker.
  • Louis happily announced that he had received his first Covid vaccine shot on Saturday.
  • Likewise, Jackie received her first shot on Saturday as well.  She went to Raleigh’s PNC where the medical staff really “had their act together.” Despite having already suffered a bout with Covid, Jackie said she did have some reaction to the shot, which is a “good thing”: mild reactions mean that the vaccine is working!
  • Leah welcomed the speaker and also Rich, whom it was good to see at Monday’s meeting.
  • President Karlene, now Hon. Turrentine, an NC Administrative Law Judge, noted that she began her first trial that morning and expects it to continue throughout the week.

Queen of Hearts

Shipman won the raffle and came very, very close to winning the Queen’s $497 pot with his Jack of Hearts.  Still, it wasn’t enough.  Better luck next time Shipman!

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